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Reaching our Goals by Working Together

Here is a list of some of the projects and activities currently underway in the TI Community. Please feel free to help any way you can. Remember, every effort, no matter how large or small, is deeply valued and appreciated.



Evolution of the TI Community

 Implementing a standard, mainstream community framework used by other successful communities will maximize resource utilization, promote cooperation, and significantly increase our success as a single TI Community made up of individual TIs and TI Groups/Organizations. The Community Toolbox provides a guide to help us achieve that success as a single TI Community. The TI Community is going to adopt the model presented in the Community Toolbox to create and implement The TI Community Model For Success.


A contact list of the TI Community

In any community, it is necessary to have a single shared master registry of community members. Please take 5 minutes of your time to fill out the following form. The goal of this form is to create a shareable master list of TIs that documents TI contact information, social media profiles, websites, blogs, etc. in order to make it easier for TIs to link up and communicate with each other. The results of this form will be shared with the TI community


NBC Public Engagement Operation

We have decided to run a #TargetedToo public engagement operation designed to leverage NBC's investigative reporting of US officials in Cuba, China, and the USA being targeted. It is simple to participate just click the Twitter links below and copy and paste your version of the following Tweet message in the comments section for each Twitter link. Afterwards, contact as many TIs as you can to post the same message.


Working hard to help our community.

Savant's Project Goals

1. Help Targeted Individuals out of isolated environments

2. Raise funds to afford ourselves

3. Raise awareness & effectively teach others about the technologies 
     capable of privacy invasion & human torture

4. Savant’s Project is a stepping stone for future development of a multi-state 
     nonprofit organization


We the people

This project is focused on putting together government petitions that end targeting and reestablished targeted individuals Human and Civil Rights.


Tell your story

This project is about creating and using personal TI stories to help our cause. There is no single contact for this project yet, so if you want to take the lead on this, then contact Moe Hope at MoeHope@TIRightsMovment.org. You can also send your stories to Moe Hope at MoeHope@TIRightsMovment.org.


Videos that communicate all things TI

This project is about creating a video documentary about being a TI and about the TI phenomena in general.


Spreading our message one TI at a time.

Presently, there is an effort underway to interview TIs to learn about their experiences, plans, and ideas as a Targeted Individual. These interviews serve as fundamental building blocks to document the TI community.


Personal Shielding


☆ Magneto-5 (M-5)

This helmet is in Reverse Polarity all around the helmet creating a magnetic force field that deflects, blocks and absorbs the magnetic pulsed weapons that are used to cause damage to the brain. This helmet over time will allow your brain cells to heal adequately enough so that you'll be able to resists hits throughout the day without wearing enabling you to function properly as if your targeting is nothing. Very beginning you will wear 3 months straight 24/7 for max brain healing, at home, free time, and bedtime. Within months or less body jolts will go away, head pain, zaps to wake you up ends immediately. Just about every hit to the body goes through the brain first. Strobe lighting and visuals will dissipate then eventually go away completely just by dipping the brim of the cap. Heart palpitations go away, v2k may break up and muffle. Shield the brain, solve the problem. Energy will flow over your head and not feel any ill effects. This helmet is hands-free so you can move freely, car travels and hotel stays. You can actually sleep on a spring bed normally. My symptoms went away a little less than a year.

☆ Reverse Polarity Magnet Unisex Cup. 

This is the Ti males best friend and a females Chastity belt from electronic rape and painful zaps to that whole genital area. Guarantee your mood will change & pain-free. You will actually feel the energies deflection flow to your thighs. Wear in areas you know they'll hit you and especially for bedtime, car travels & movie theater. In car, you don't have to use the strap. Just place between legs above clothing, stash under your seat. A must-have for the price.

Magneto-5 Gold (grounded copper helmet)

Same benefits but with a greater dirty energy transfer through a ground cable, without even feeling any energy emissions. Less mind intruding signals allowing for a definite more relaxed mind comfort as you wear. Muffled v2k with lowered ear transition. You will sleep sounder, waking up much more clearer and refreshed. Must be grounded when relaxing, reading, sleep. Comes with ground cable. Worth every penny. 

**Purchasing details**

Robert Stanson 

DBA: Targeted individuals Shielding Products


*Youtube Instructional videos*