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Any Effort, No Matter How Large Or Small, Is Deeply Appreciated And Valued

Formulating strategic solutions, supporting members and member groups with their goals, engaging in out of the box thinking, and fostering a community of collaboration between the targeted and the non-targeted is the core of our approach. Discover more about our objectives below.



Getting together and helping each other

Through our community development, we have the potential to bring TIs and non-TIs together in focused, positive ways. The purpose of this initiative is to support both a unified common community and focused mini-communities organized for specific purpose.


Helping fellow TIs and TI groups reach their goals

This objective helps TIs and TI groups reach their goals by providing tools and services that support their operations. This initiative is meant to help and support TI operations, not lead them.


Helping each other with being a TI

Research, test, and share various methods to help fellow TIs deal with being a Targeted Individual. Enable an environment of mutual support between TIs.


Understand and prove psychotronic related 21st Century Human Rights abuses

This initiative is meant to support proving the existence of the targeted individual phenomena in the following ways.

  • Research credible information sources

  • Support technological activities designed to prove targeting

  • Acquire evidence that helps substantiate the targeted individual phenomena

  • Create objective, credible documentation that can be shared within the TI community and with non-TIs


Mutual learning and cooperative participatory action between TIs and non-TIs

Foster public engagement within the TI community to create meaningful interactions that provide opportunities for mutual learning and participatory action between TIs and members of the public in support of ending 21st century pyschotronic Human Rights abuses.


Advancing our cause. Pursuing our case.

Support efforts that advance our Human and Civil Rights cause. Support legal action that advances our case.


Changing the rules

Changing the written or unwritten guidelines that governments, organizations, and institutions, communities, or individuals use when dealing with 21st-century technology designed to modulate humans.