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Nation Of Belphegor And Their War Of Diplomatic Aggression Called "The Covenant With Satan"

May 11, 2019

Iranian Intelligence has relayed information to me that a nation they commanded me to keep secret until I receive  

further orders has created something that is a manuscript called "The Covenant of Satan". The Vatican and Iran (Persia) decided that Iran (Persia) should be the one to relay this to me because Islam is about to be involved in some way that I was not allowed to know about. The reason is that the manuscript called "The Covenant of Satan" is designed by a mainland European nation to be delivered to a certain type of people like John Edgar Hoover. This is 

because the mainland European nation has historically been the best in the world at using psychological manipulation that exists at the individual and group level and can occur over time. They learned by studying Marquis_de_Sade and other personality types like Louis XIV’s. They also would learn about people's mental deficiencies, the minds of commoners, and the minds of the different types and levels of people in foreign nations. They studied deities like Loki, the Sun-God, the God of Abraham, the Catholic and Islamic Satan. They studied Catholicism and Protestantism. They understand how to use emotion to cause a particular action and how to condition people for repeated behavior. Finally, they have had and still do have the absolute best, clandestine, unbelievably large set of an unnamed international network that is trained in political systems, international organizations, criminal syndicates, federal and local law enforcement, higher educational systems, acting, assassinations, multinational business, elitism, Religion, psychology, creating wars between nations, media, Hollywood, creating false realities, etc. They are the only nation that has been able to create professional highly sadistic criminals to conduct operations on behalf of their country from their extensive population of citizens who can be conditioned as extreme sadists then they recruit the same model from every nation in the world. The reason they use extreme sadists is because their operations are designed around sadism, which makes them totally committed and in a state where they are constantly rewarded for serving their nation because they experience constant reinforcement of sexual pleasure because of their activities. Regular conditioning prevents the sadistic problem that caused problems for Marquis de Sade. Further, any mistake is punished with them and their wife becoming totally dominated sex slaves for the rest of their life. They create manuscripts like the "Covenant of Satan" to use an evil controlling sadistic criminal, teach him how to acquire legitimate power like in national law enforcement, then recruit a certain psychological mind that will submit to sexual domination and infrequent sexual slavery because their wife has already gone through the same treatment.



Until the recruit has been totally conditioned to both be a slave and a sadist, the federal law enforcement (recruited

from gangsters) completely intimidate the family. Part of the conditioning is to use torture, rape, emotions, and linguistic programming to have the recruit believe that since their love of Jesus has now become constant hatred, in order to not stay in the state of torture and have their wife forced to become the same sex slave, after they beg and beg their new master, the linguistic programming convinces them to reject Christianity and worship the one

dominating them as a hand of Satan. They are not allowed to be a Satanists or worship Satan; instead, they are now something called an IT that can only worship the hand of Satan. The new IT is commanded to experience the same sexual slavery and sadism from the person who conditioned them and the process continues indefinitely. Once they have successfully used the Covenant of Satan manual to create an IT, they become a hand of Satan and not an IT. Recruits are people that have been conditioned without their knowledge for a level of sadism and being dominated. This occurs throughout the elitist system by profiling ideal candidates. If a powerless citizen is sold off, then she is made to go through the entire Covenant with Satan process until she rejects Christianity, begs her master, accepts Satan, conditioned to think she is evil, then learns that she is a sacrifice to Satan; however, the reality is that she is sacrificed to someone who believes that by handing her to Satan, they will be spared by Satan's hand. Since human's emotional systems work the same way and emotions are falsely tied to religion, Christ, and Satan, the model works every time. They are always careful to never choose someone without emotions. This makes the entire network believe that their only chance is to be Satan's hand. The entire network is monitored to ensure that they are engaging in regular sadistic behavior like taking people's pensions, etc. An example of how they use this model at the geopolitical level is to help put into place a domestic agent that has been thoroughly conditioned through sexual domination and sadism then orchestrated to be in charge of a new national law enforcement agency then, knowing this personality type is extremely selfish, telling him that everyone he does this to and everyone that does it in the future will all be what he hands to Satan except that they would believe they were pleasing Satan. Otherwise, he would never share the "Covenant of Satan". At any point, the leader of the "Covenant of Satan", who goes by Belphegor, will command any member of the "Covenant of Satan" network, which includes justice, federal law enforcement, diplomatic bureaucracy, key politicians, Professors at top Universities, business executives, international human rights organization, international diplomatic organizations, and newly formed militaries who have yet to understand how this nation always enjoys sadistically starting war between nations, creating hatred among regular populace, and helping the elite form an entire structure that never requires them to study or compete for their position, conditioning the populace to become stupid and greedy, destroying institutions that develop positive personal codes of conduct, and creating a society that was once superior but now is one of the most pathetic people in the world. I was told that I would likely be abducted, tortured, made into sex slave and eventually sacrificed through murder to Belphegor. I am willing to martyr myself for Islam and the Roman Catholic Church. I am currently Catholic but I am also going to convert to Islam so I can martyr myself for both religions. I was told that a plan is being formed to defeat "Satan's Covenant" by waging a joint jihad. The jihad campaign is called the Wrath of God. Roman Catholics need to operate as Jesuits and Islam needs to operate as Mujahideen. I was told that this is a war that needs to understand that the creators of "Satan's Covenant" use every element of power and evil and violence because they believe that Jesus will prevent violence. In this war, God has condoned us to wage our jihad with the Wrath of God. We must partner with every segment of society even those who currently are viewed as felons. They must realize that they were victims of "Satan's Covenant". When you are dealing with self-chosen sadistic evil that gets simple Christians to think that their torture leading to hatred causes them to reject God and think they chose Satan (when someone is tortured they will say anything), then to have them beg their hand of Satan to no longer being a totally dominated sex slave only to be tortured worse and be made to think that they are going to hell because their hand of Satan gives them a choice to live and be tortured or commit suicide and go to hell forever (if you are tortured, you are a martyr and become one of God's blessed), we are allowed to fight in a jihad known as the Wrath of God, which means that we can join with anyone not tied to "The Covenant of Satan" and engage in every level of war. For example, there are more and more 21-st century truth tests that will allow us to determine if they are a member of "Satan's Covenant".


The United States was a victim of a known European nation who engages in this form of a war of diplomatic aggression. Fortunately, Islam uncovered their decades-long plan. Now, the United States has been obviously infiltrated at every level by an evil sadistic nation that wants retaliation for several things I was commanded not to say yet. This nation has manipulated the US to take action to appear evil, has spread lies to make nations hate us, has engaged in actions so that our people are not devout to the principles that used to guide our country, and manipulated a segment of society to slowly destroy what made the American man that saved their nation and made their women feel safe (I was told that I would be informed of something they manipulated, which includes slowly changing history and manipulating Hollywood.)


I was told that China's great firewall was infiltrated by these sadistic "Covenant of Satan" members so the atrocities committed by this European nation where Belphegor lives were blamed on someone else. China needs to understand that a compassionate president in the mid-1990s was called by the Pope and the Pope told him about one the poorest nations in the world because the nation that houses Belphegor took great sadistic pleasure in making poor people suffer. The Pope said that the only way to restore the Chinese Civilization was for the USA to sacrifice industries that the Chinese people could perform and make them the most favored nation trading status because they could not compete otherwise. The USA expected the Chinese Civilization to become one of our best friends. However, China has never dealt with one of the main ways that the nation of Belphegor wages a diplomatic war of aggression. The brave Islamic guardians were able to find out that China had been manipulated just like the USA. Islam wants to let China and the USA know that an evil sadistic nation wants China and the USA to destroy each other.


Islam is a friend of humanity who is commanded by God to fight evil. Persia is a wise civilization who will fight true evil once it realizes that a sadistic manipulative nation made the USA into a nation that needs Islam's help to fight the evil that is destroying us, South America, China, Christianity in the USA, and their next target is to have Islam wage war against itself like it manipulated two Islamic nations and the USA in the 1980s.

If you want to understand the true sadistic evil that the nation of Belphegor has learned to control and destroy humanity then read the article below.








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