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Transcript for Coordinating Committee Kickoff Meeting

January 25, 2019




Hello everyone! This is our first community meeting. I am honored to have you all in attendance. Do not worry about understanding everything at once. There will be plenty of trial and error as we figure this out and learn together. 



Always remember, any effort, no matter how large or small, is deeply appreciated and valued.



What choice will you, ultimately, make?

The first thing that I want to do is read an article that will frame the rest of our meeting and what we do from this point forward.




Introduction Presentation About Communities

In order to be successful we are going to have to adopt a standard community model for success and start operating as a community of members, not as individuals. Here is a short presentation about Communities from the Community Toolbox.




Synopsis of Current Situation and Recommended Solution


Community Toolbox VMOSA Presentation




What Defines Our Community?

There are many aspects to a community but the short answer is our Vision, Mission Statement, High Level Objectives, and Strategies are what defines our community.


All members of our community should be able to easily agree with our Vision, Mission Statement, High Level Objectives, and Strategies; they are what makes us a unique community of people, not the legacy view that we are "targeted individuals". Ultimately, we want to encourage those that are currently non-targeted persons to ally with us and become part of our community since, in our view, anyone can be a targeted person at any time. Therefore, it really does not matter whether a member of our community is targeted or not. Instead, what matters is whether they agree with our Vision, Mission, High Level Objectives, and Strategies. Everyone in our community should know and agree with our Vision, Mission Statement, High Level Objectives, and Strategies are.


Our Vision, Mission, Objectives, and Strategies



Action Plans

Currently, Action Plans is how the community gets things done. An Action Plan is the specifics of who will do what, by when, at what costs. Right now, individuals operate alone or in separate groups to accomplish a specific goal in near isolation from the larger community as a whole. In other words, there is no or very little coordination of effort across our entire community.


Moving forward, that model can still apply whenever someone has a need to go it alone. However, by adopting a community model, we will now be able to pool resources, work as a team, leverage each other's experiences, share ideas, utilize each other expertise, etc. Further, the way the model works, even when someone brings their own Action Plan into the model, it will directly align with a specific Strategy that is tied to a High Level Objective that is in support of our Mission to help us achieve our Vision. This means that we can easily incorporate efforts that occur way up stream at the Objective level or way down stream at the Action Plan level.

What is a Coordinating Committee?

Now that we have established the necessity for us to change, who we are as a community, and what we call ourselves, we can explore how this relates to the Coordinating Committee that you want to be part of.


At its core, the Coordinating Committee's purpose is to empower members to work together to take positive action to end targeting. As a member of the Coordinating Committee you are responsible for the following type of things:


Coordinating Committee Responsibilities

  1. Achieving community objectives

  2. Providing leadership

  3. Creating and applying strategy

  4. Performing long term planning

  5. Managing priorities

  6. Looking for better ways of doing things

  7. Creating and managing Action Committees

  8. Resolving differences

  9. Mentoring

  10. Ensuring members get proper support and education

  11. Etc.

Can I be on both the Coordinating Committee and Action Committees?


Basic Organizational Structure

  • The current plan is to have a monthly rotating chairman so everyone gets a chance to grow their leadership skills and promote their ideas and efforts.

  • Coordinating Committee members will chair their own Sub-Committees for the Objectives that they are responsible for. Action Committees will be created by Coordinating Committee members.

  • Action Committees will create and execute their own Action Steps.

  • Coordinating Committee members will provide general oversight of Action Committees



  1. Meetings: presently, we are thinking that the Coordinating Committee will meet at least twice per month but there will be plenty of collaboration occurring to conduct operations. We will leave it up to members to schedule their own meetings related to discussing specific Objectives, Strategies, and Action Committees.

  2. Facebook Groups: Facebook Groups for specific Strategies and specific Action Plans can be created as needed.

  3. Facebook Chat Groups: Facebook Chat Groups do not replace Facebook Group communication. They should be created and used as needed then deleted once their purpose has been accomplished. Note: currently way too much communication occurs in chat groups and not enough communications are occurring in the Facebook groups.

  4. Email: we should not just rely on Facebook and meetings. Email will be used for collaboration as needed.

  5. Other: we should always strive to look for other ways to effectively collaborate like Trello, Google Groups, Forums, Google Hangouts.

Next Steps

  1. For the next meeting, anyone who wants to be on the Coordinating Committee needs to pick one Objective that they want to take the lead on. If more than one member is tied an Objective, we will be able to work as teams.

    1. Once this is complete, we will reach out to our deep pool of potential community members and begin the work to form Action Committees

    2. We will also begin the process of cataloging current and potential Action Plans

  2. Fill out the Coordinating Committee Meeting Sign Up Form if you have not already https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UEEVUCvxFZVF_3p6oH1ax-jIWVw_76Hgmo4R6abEbxo

  3. Spend as much time as possible reading anything in the Community Toolbox. I just pick random articles out and read them. https://ctb.ku.edu

  4. Finalize our Vision, Mission, Objectives, and Strategies https://www.targetedcommunity.org/single-post/2018/12/20/Our-TI-Community-Model-For-Success-Vision-Mission-Objectives-and-Strategies

Working Together, We Can Accomplish, What Alone, Seems Impossible



Thank you for joining us!

The Targeted Community Coordinating Committee















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