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What choice will you, ultimately, make?

January 18, 2019


Never misjudge your seat at the table of history. What we are undertaking is monumental. Now is a time to hope for change. What we are doing is a first for our community and is on the cutting edge of Human Rights in the 21st Century.


We are the vanguard and must prepare for a future where the lines that separate the targeted from the non-targeted begin to merge together into either a society built on the basis of empathy and a 21st Century model of Human Rights where none are targeted or a Dystopian Society where most are targeted by the technologically powerful who do whatever they want to the technologically powerless without consequence or conscious. We must accept this crucible for what it is, the grave responsibility that comes with it, and what It requires from us.



  1. To start with, close your eyes and realistically envision what your life as a targeted individual will be like in three years.

  2. Now, put that aside and this time, close your eyes and envision what your life will be like as a member of a 21st Century International Human Rights community three years from now.

  3. Now, close your eyes and envision what your life would be like in three years if you suddenly became a non-TI.

  4. Now, close your eyes and envision what your life would be like in three years if targeting never existed.


So, what's in a name?

Everything, the way we label ourselves and each other is one of the most powerful psychological tools at ours and our captors’ disposal.


Who decided that we have to call ourselves "Targeted Individuals", the people doing this to us "Perps" and "Handlers" and call everyone else "Non-TIs"?

It was so obviously created for psyops purposes that I feel like an idiot for ever using those terms. Why can't we be normal and call our collective self informally as "Our Community", our individual selves as "Members", the people doing this to us as "Criminals", and everyone else as "Allies"?

Doesn't that sound much more clear and normal?

It does to every other community of individuals.


In other words, the current and longstanding psyop that we have been tricked into believing is that we are "targeted individuals" and, therefore, for the most part, TIs act individually. While we might view ourselves as "targeted individuals", it is important to understand that from the outside looking in everyone else views us as a community of "targeted individuals". Based on the feedback that I see, non-TIs view us as a community that calls ourselves "targeted individuals" that are delusional, paranoid, mentally ill, negative, divisive, largely unorganized except for a handful of TI organizations, and even violent. We need to adopt the mindset that whatever we choose to do, if there are any number of us, we form a community and we are viewed as a community by those on the outside. This has created a "Targeted Individual" versus "non-TI" mindset and behavior pattern that, as we have seen over the years, continues to cause us to be a largely alienated community of "targeted individuals" who receive very little support and have very little trust for the outside "non-TI" community. This must change.


We can no longer see ourselves and each other as "targeted individuals" for this is the name that our captors gave us, not one of our own choosing. The very use of the word "targeted individuals", "handlers/perps", and "non-TIs" keeps us in a realm where our own mind becomes a slave to everything that those words have historically represented and keeps us psychologically and behaviorally chained to the past. If those we seek to ally with are chained to the past because of the legacy of the "targeted individual" stereotype, then our success will be limited and the bellwether that our experiences represent will go unheeded. This must not happen.


Therefore, our new label that we choose for ourselves could be "Members of an International Community of Targeted Persons"; we are people each and every one of us. We can refer to our collective self as "Our Community" and our individual selves as "Members". Until they rejoin humanity, we must refer to those doing this to us as "Criminals" and "Tyrants" because what they are doing is illegal, is nothing short of "Technological Totalitarianism" and they should be labeled according to what they represent to humanity. This change is necessary.


Why is this important?

As we seek allies in the current non-member populations, these new labels will allow our future allies to bypass the current stereotypes our enemies have spent so much time and effort crafting. This, combined with our adoption of a successful international community model, will allow our future allies to see us as a completely different community than the legacy "targeted individual" community that we are leaving behind and will open the doors of cooperation for us to work together to end the targeting of innocent people once and for all.



Which of the four 3 year visualization scenarios appeal most to you?

Everyone initially picks number 4, which is “Finally, close your eyes and envision what your life would be like in three years if targeting never existed.”


At one point in your life, you probably had a three-year plan and that plan never included you becoming a “Targeted Individual” and having to deal with your “Handlers” and “Perps”. It included all the wonderful things, like freedom and love, that humans beings deserve because they are human. Nonetheless, just because we live a life that is blind to the coming evil does not mean that we are immune from it (As we found out the hard way.).


5) So, finally, close your eyes and envision that you spend the next three years doing the same repeated behavior that you have been performing as a “Targeted Individual” in recent times. Now, three years has passed, you try to close your eyes and envision what your life was like during the better times as a “Targeted Individual” except you can’t. In fact, you can’t control anything. You have learned two new words from your technological tyrant “Human Drone” (that is what you are called) and “Puppet Master” (that is what he forces your mouth to call him). Now, your “Puppet Master” controls every single action, every movement, and every word that you say. You realize this is for the rest of your life. You realize you made the same mistake as before. Just because you were, once again, blind to the coming evil, living the best you could as a “Targeted Individual” it did not make you immune to the coming evil. Tears roll down your face as you pick up a cockroach and put it into your mouth. You try to escape by remembering the better days when you were just a “Targeted Individual”, but all you can do is think about the next horror that is in store, knowing that this is for the rest of your life, and understanding that there is no escape.


I would like to say that no one chooses scenario number 5. Unfortunately, that appears to be exactly what most TIs are doing. While we focus on repeating the same failed behavior that has preceded us, wasting inordinate amounts of time blabbering to other TIs about V2K, DEW, and remote neural monitoring, these “Puppet Masters” are actively putting into place a system by which they will control every single movement that you make for the rest of your life.


Look, these are monsters that we are dealing with. They are evil. They are smart. They understand human behavior, neuroscience, and psychology. They have resources. They can run a long term coordinated multifaceted pysop operation. In fact, that is exactly what they have been doing and they have been doing it very successfully for many years now.


The good news is that the very fact that this constitutes a human system means that it has bounds. Since it is not boundless, it can be modeled, analyzed, understood, combated, and neutralized.


I wish that I could wave a magic wand and make everything ok. The reality is that there is always evil to be combated. Even when the current evil is defeated, there will always be another “Puppet Master” to take the old monster's place. Because of this, I chose scenario 2. I choose to be a member of a 21st Century International Human Rights community three years from now. Never again will I allow myself to be blind to the coming evil. I choose to dedicate my life, be willing to do things differently, learn new skills, sacrifice for the sake of others, put myself in harm's way, and, when necessary, gladly give my life because that is the only way to stand up to evil tyrants. At the same time, I will pray for them and, whenever possible, extend the olive branch. When I am victorious, I will treat them with empathy. Because what good is it to defeat the monster if you become one in the process.


If scenario 5 scares the devil out of you and scenario 2 is what you would ultimately choose, then consider joining a group of dedicated people working together to take positive action to prevent Technological Totalitarianism. Instead, let’s work to establish a world full of human empathy. Become a member of our international community and, once we have either defeated this tyrant though love or through war, let’s focus our sights on the next evil that waits to take his place.


Email Moe.Hope@TIRightsMovement.org for information on joining.


Working together, we can achieve, what alone, seems impossible,

Moe Hope




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