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Our TI Community Model For Success Vision, Mission, Objectives, and Strategies

December 21, 2018

By working together as a single community, we have collectively created our TI Community Model For Success Vision, Mission, Objectives, and Strategies! Read on to learn more about them!



(Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies, and Action Plans) is a practical planning process used to help community groups define a vision and develop practical ways to enact change. VMOSA helps your organization set and achieve short term goals while keeping sight of your long term vision. Implementing this planning process into your group's efforts supports developing a clear mission, building consensus, and grounding your group's dreams.



Why should your organization use this planning process? There are many good reasons, including all of the following:

  • The VMOSA process grounds your dreams. It makes good ideas possible by laying out what needs to happen in order to achieve your vision.

  • By creating this process in a group effort (taking care to involve both people affected by the problem and those with the abilities to change it), it allows your organization to build consensus around your focus and the necessary steps your organization should take.

  • The process gives you an opportunity to develop your vision and mission together with those in the community who will be affected by what you do.  That means that your work is much more likely to address the community’s real needs and desires, rather than what you think they might be.  It also means community ownership of the vision and mission, putting everyone on the same page and greatly increasing the chances that any effort will be successful.

  • VMOSA allows your organization to focus on your short-term goals while keeping sight of your long-term vision and mission.


To read more educational material about this, click the link below to access the Community Toolbox's article about VMOSA.



















Working Together,

Moe Hope

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