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Personal Open Letter To Those Investigating 21st Century Technological Totalitarianism and Related Human Rights Abuses

December 8, 2018

Feel free to use, edit, and share this letter.


Hello Friend,


My name is Moe Hope (Robbie). I read your well written and insightful article about the ongoing targeting of US officials.


We need the type of 21st-century investigative effort that your article presents. Great work! Thank you!


Your article sparked me to engage in discussion! Thank you for your excellent work and beginning what should be a public discussion about the misuse of 21st-century technology and what type of society we want in the 21st century. You did your part. Hopefully, I will do my part and convince you that further involvement on your part is worth your time.


From the attacks and ongoing targeting of American officials to China’s dystopian social credit system, society needs to understand how 21st-century technology can be used against us. Apparently, as you present in your article, there are people that have already shown the willingness and ability to misuse 21st-century technology against the defenseless without consequence. It seems they are creating a society based on the premise that those with technological power can do whatever they want to the technologically powerless without consequence. We need to take the time to safeguard ourselves, our loved ones, and future generations from this type of 21st-century misuse of technology and technological totalitarianism.


When and how will the same type of 21st-century attacks and harassment that the US officials receive start occurring to everyday citizens?

Is it happening now?


According to an internationally coordinated Twitter campaign to raise awareness using NBC's excellent 21st-century investigative journalism (Josh Lederman), it is happening. An internationally coordinated group of people posted a common message that many humans across the globe are experiencing the same thing as the American officials. (I would personally like to thank everyone who participated by working together to do this.). Here is one example of the internationally coordinated responses by citizens of several nations.


Imagine the plight of the US Officials and their families if they received no help, were misled, tormented, destroyed in every way, labeled as mentally ill by the people they needed to help them, had no power to defend themselves, were harassed, and discarded by “normal” society. Now, imagine if something like this happened to the young woman who waitresses (in order to pay for college) where you eat lunch, the single mom down the street who is working two jobs to care for her baby, the customer service representative you called last week who is supporting his wife and children. Well, apparently, it is. This appears to be happening to many people across the country and in other countries. However, they are not getting the correct help for them and their families. Instead, they get destroyed by the misuse of 21st-century technology. Who is next?



If someone told me they went through this, I would probably not have believed them. 

Well, it happened to me and my wife


At the beginning of 2016, I was a caring devoted husband taking care of my immigrant (legal) wife who was completely dependent on me since she gave up everything to live with me in the USA. I had an excellent 15 year career at the same company as an Enterprise Software Sales Engineer making close to 140,000 total compensation. I was in excellent financial health since I was preparing a career change to take a substantial pay cut in order to work for a charitable organization. I had great health. I exercised and educated myself. Had plenty of good family and friends. I went to church, volunteered, and gave to charity. I worked hard, had the right values, and, therefore, had a quality life.


My symptoms, especially, not sleeping for seven full months almost destroyed it all for me and my wife (She had to watch as the man she loved and was dependent on suffer and lose the means to properly take care of her.)

Fortunately, I have my mental health, most of my physical health, resources, my wife, and a support structure. It Is my understanding that most people who experience this lose everything.


I have had full psychological and neurological screenings and have a completely clean bill of mental health though not physical health. This includes taking the MMPI, having a Neuropsychological assessment, undergoing six months of therapy from a Ph.D. level psychologist (receiving a positive diagnosis), receiving medication management from a Psychiatric PA (To help me sleep.), seeing Neurologists, ENT specialists, Audiologists, a Tinnitus Expert, had a psychiatric genetic test, had a Brain MRI and a Brain CT scan, etc. The cause and the cure of my symptoms, both ongoing and past, has not been fully determined; they mirror what I read about the reported attacks on American officials in Cuba, China, and in the USA. If I were the only one that I knew who experienced what has been reported by NBC, this may not be relevant; however, there appear to be many people like me and the US Officials you reported on. The recent NBC Twitter Campaign helps demonstrate this.


After the medical community was largely unable to determine the cause and the cure for my symptoms, I started doing online research. This research led me to discover something called targeted individuals. Now, I make no case that I am one or not one; however, a lot of the symptoms and experiences being reported are similar to mine; therefore, they are similar to what you reported US Officials are experiencing. What is important, is that there appear to be many people who are experiencing the same physical health symptoms, strange harassment, and destruction of, not only their health, but of almost every aspect of their lives, which includes their loved ones. 



Being naturally curious, I explored the targeted individual community and found it to be highly fascinating and complex. I also found it to be an under served and misunderstood community that desperately needs help. I created an online presence and joined the online targeted individual community. The humanity of the community, the personal relationships, the similar experiences and symptoms and, more importantly, the suffering these people experience pulled me in and will not let me let go. I had to help. I have to help. I cannot turn my back.





What's next?



These people and this community are worth investigating as they represent a sector of 21st-century society that is now a dystopian society of technological totalitarianism.


What is occurring to these people aligns with what you reported except that they are not US officials. There is no reason to believe that non-US government officials are immune from this type of attack and harassment. In fact, there are many reasons to believe that this would be used against the powerless (to model and test it) before it would be used against those with some power. They represent what society looks like when this happens to those without the support, however much the wish is to provide support, of the US government, journalists, medical professionals, legal professionals, scientific researchers, etc. Basically, when you take US officials and add the diverse cross-section of people in the targeted individual community, it pretty much represents every level of society. This means that they can target whoever they want whenever they want. In time, with the right level of capacity and/or desire to do so, they may be able to target an entire society and implement technological totalitarianism. 


If any measure of this is true, then we may already be too late to stop those that would misuse 21st-century technology against us. If they have not already won, then we must take action to ensure that 21st-century society does not become the draconian, dystopian society where the powerful dominate the powerless using technological means of totalitarianism


What are we waiting for? I hope it is not an “Until it happens to me approach”. There is too much at risk.

I hope to help you in any way that I can with whatever you need to continue your extremely important investigative efforts about the misuse of 21st technology and the society that we are creating by using it. 



I will gladly:

  • share the full extent of the symptoms that I experienced

  • share any aspect of my story

  • take a truth test to corroborate my story

  • share any medical records and/or personal materials and records

  • share research materials that I have collected

  • openly allow access to any and all records, communications, social media activity, and any other information about me and/or originating from me

  • share what I have learned about the Targeted Individual community since participating in it since August 2017

  • provide you with an introduction to the community

  • help in any way that I can




Working Together, We Can Accomplish, What Alone, Seems Impossible,

Moe Hope (Robbie)




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