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#TargetedToo NBC Public Engagement Operation

November 27, 2018

Hello TI community!


We have decided to run a #TargetedToo public engagement operation designed to leverage NBC's investigative reporting of US officials in Cuba, China, and the USA being targeted. It is simple to participate just click the Twitter links below and copy and paste your version of the following Tweet message in the comments section for each Twitter link. Afterwards, contact as many TIs as you can to post the same message.



-----------------------------------------------------------------Start Tweet Message---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


I am an American citizen living in Wilmington, NC who has had similar symptoms & experiences as the targeted American officials & their families being reported on by NBC. What we are going through is real in the 21st century. Please help us. #TargetedToo

-----------------------------------------------------------------End Tweet Message----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Note: use your own nation, city, and state.



Lists of Tweets that we want to post our message to.


















Working Together,

Moe Hope

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