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V2K Abuser Gaslighting Approaches & T.I Symptoms Of Being Gaslighted

October 24, 2018


V2K Gas-Lighter Approaches:


• V2K abuser implants thoughts - it is not your usual thoughts.

• V2K abuser uses crude words.

• V2K abuser proceeds to try to get the T.I to rely on the abuser.

• V2K abuser constantly is caught in lies.

• V2K abusers actions do not meet their words.

• V2K abuser knows confusion weakens T.I’s.

• V2K abuser uses positive reinforcement to confuse the T.I - so gaslighting can continue.

• V2K abuser looks for emotional reactions - to see if gaslighting is working.

• V2K abuser tells you everyone else is a liar.

• V2K abuser uses insecurities to hurt the T.I


Symptoms Of T.I Being Gaslighted:


• T.I creates excuses for the V2K abuser - protect the V2K abuser.

• T.I starts believing they should be alone.

• T.I cannot stop apologizing to the V2K abuser.

• T.I starts believing they are never good enough for anyone.

• T.I appears unhappy for no certain reason.

• T.I struggles making well-planned decisions.

• T.I starts wondering if they are too sensitive.



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