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The TI Community Model For Success

October 11, 2018

The TI Community Model for Success
The Evolution of the TI Community


Why implement a TI Community Model For Success?
Currently the TI Community is organized by separate TI Groups/Organizations and individual TIs working separately on select activities. This creates an under-utilization of TI resources, competition and turf constraints, and limits our success. Implementing a standard, mainstream community framework used by other successful communities will maximize resource utilization, promote cooperation, and significantly increase our success as a single TI Community made up of individual TIs and TI Groups/Organizations. The Community Toolbox provides a guide to help us achieve that success as a single TI Community. The TI Community is going to adopt the model presented in the Community Toolbox to create and implement The TI Community Model For Success.



Implementing the TI Community Model For Success

We are implementing the Community Toolbox model in the TI community as a whole. Please be open to new ideas, ways to work together, and ways of doing things. Please understand that this is not going to compete with your current organizational and personal projects. It is designed to augment your efforts through cooperation. It is something that does not currently exist in the TI Community but is necessary and needed.

We will share our progress implementing the model, share educational material about the model, and provide opportunities to participate as we create the TI Community Model For Success by following what is defined in the Community Toolbox.


    Ready to take the next step?


    Then fill out the Objectives, Strategies, and Action Plan Committee Sign Up Form at https://drive.google.com/open?id=1l-CHfpI3plUR5XGVmywv1WenwRV2-e4pLw80ThShCn4



    To add your name to the document signatures contact Moe Hope on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MoeHopeTI or email Moe Hope at Moe.Hope@TIRightsMovement.org .

    Be sure to join us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/TIObjectivesandActions/?ref=bookmarks


    Working Together,

    Timothy Cassella, Amy Holem, Anthony Thomas, Kimberly Casteel, Robert Stanson, Maddy Kaitlyn Finch, Megan May Devisme, Kristen D Manners, Mollie Fitzgerald, Rod Reavell, Wesley Huffman, Sherman Dino, Elena Gold, Devin Devine, Donald Caggiano, Nicola Holly Timlin, Clint Mclean, Derrick Charles Robinson, Aline Legault, Ben Mitchell, Jennifer Hurta, John Richardson, Mike Conan, Elisa Bushi, Monika Ann Baran, TJ Kohler, Tim Speaks, Peter Simon, Pam Goldberg, Karen Melton- Stewart, Stephen Paine, Alexander Papadopoulos, Masja Folkers, Lindy Cannon Stokes, Kimberly Casteel, Marnie Hutchison, Benton Hawthorne, Diana Steer, Shoko Morimoto, Rocky Alan Autry, Sal Vandy, Marco Christopher Di Iorio, かおりん, Ayumi Mogi, Gregory Fitch, Nathan Overbey, Dawn Quinn, Tina Melo, Moe Hope, and The TI Community











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