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Thoughts On Improving The Use Of TI Related Articles and Videos

September 30, 2018

Could we come up with a better way to collectively organize, store, share, and collaborate on TI Web Articles and Videos?


Currently, it seems like TI Web Articles and Videos are randomly posted in Messenger Chats and Group Posts. This leads to an endless, unorganized, and redundant stream of TI Web Articles and Videos that are underutilized within the TI Community and distracts from other important activities.


Here are a couple ideas.

  1. As related to management of TI Articles and Videos, we could have one or more central curators that TIs could send TI Web Articles and Videos to. The curators would be responsible for creating a classification system, an organized storage mechanism, linking web articles to projects and TIs, sharing web articles with TIs via a central distribution center (for example, a Facebook Group dedicated to TI Web Articles and Videos), organizing comment campaigns on the web articles, etc.​

  2. As related to TI's posting links to TI Articles and Videos, when people post articles and videos, they need to be attached to a specific project, goal, or action plan. It seems the overwhelming amount of posts linking to articles and videos does not really accomplish anything but overwhelming the TI community with articles and videos that are not attached to a specific goal/objective and action plan.

    1. Here are two things that will help us better utilize articles and videos.

      1. One, posts linking to articles and videos should be attached to achieving known, specific goals/objectives. Here is a link to describe objectives. https://ctb.ku.edu/en/table-of-contents/structure/strategic-planning/create-objectives/main


      2. Two, posts linking to articles and videos should also be attached to an action plan. Here is a link to describe action plans. https://ctb.ku.edu/en/table-of-contents/structure/strategic-planning/develop-action-plans/main

  3. As related to tools/apps to help us manage TI Articles and Vidoes, we need to find a solution that: is centralized, shareable, able to be used by more than Admin, and collaborative.

    1. Here are two sample ideas to on tools/apps to help us.

      1. We could use Trello to visually create boards, cards, and lists of TI Web Articles and Videos. With Trello, we can easily categorize and organize lists of TI Web Articles and Videos, share them the TI Community, and discuss them. The downside is that we would need to manage the discussions and the lists could grow so large that Trello would become unwieldy. 

      2. We could use a Facebook Group and Units. TIs could post their TI Articles and Videos in the Facebook Group Discussion. TI Articles and Videos Admins/Curators could aggregate the posts of TI Articles and Videos in Facebook Units. With Facebook Units, the TI Articles and Videos could be categorized and discussion could occur. It will be easy for TIs and Admins to use since it is in Facebook. The downside is that we would still need to manage discussions and, once again, the large lists of TI Articles and Videos could become unwieldy.

      3. We can find some other tool/app to help us.


What are your thoughts?


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