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How To Combat Telepathic Communications (V2K) : My Tips

July 2, 2018

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My Link To My Blog: https://targetedindividual462.wordpress.com


Here is some of my tips to combat Telepathic Communications, also known as “V2K”.

For myself, activities can be harder for V2K Communication to come through. I notice this with myself.

List Of Activities You Can Do:

~ Journal

~ Create a Blog (If you already have a blog, work on updating it with new Blog Posts)

~ Read a book

~ Colour

~ Call a friend

~ Promote awareness for Targeted Individuals

~ Message/Text your targeted Individual friends or real life friends.


Main Thing: Keep Yourself Busy & Focused With Activities


Staying busy helps I also started on neurontin for nerve pain and the voices seem to be lower I can't prove it but I experienced it. In the evenings it still gets to me and hurts inside. I feel vibrations with sound I think meds wear off.




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