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Coping methods for forced brain states.

August 2, 2018

Regarding forced brain states, brain entrainment/hypnosis, and emotional regulation, I had some success modulating brain states using:

  • CES (Cranial electrotherapy stimulation) device. I have personally used the Oasis Pro from Mind Alive.

  • TDCS (Transcranial direct-current stimulation) device. I used the original Foc.us device.

  • PEMF device. I used the devices and instructions listed on http://www.diypemf.com/.

  • Supplements (Phenibut to sleep, Mucuna Pruriens to think, etc.)

  • Medication (Adderall and Wellbutrin to think and focus; Restoril, Trazodone, Remeron, and Seroquel to sleep)

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques

  • Always regulate your emotions by never being too happy, too angry, or too sad. Constantly monitor your emotions and regulate them. Think about it this way. 120 years ago, society was not inundated with emotional music, movies, TV, radio, social media, etc. Turn off anything that is emotional.

  • V2K Audio Masking Files

  • Using Audacity and NCH Tone Generator, I created audio files made up of mainly interleaving sine waves of different frequencies on a logarithmic or linear sweep set to loop. I listen to the audio files using in-ear headphones that completely seal the ear canal. With this method, I have had some success masking the V2K voices, the emotional aspects of the V2K vocalizations, the hypnotic aspects of the V2K vocalizations, and the V2K tinnitus (ringing in the ear) both hypnotic and emotional. Other T.I.s have some success using this method.




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