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Success With Masking/Blocking V2K

July 26, 2018

Do you have V2K, which means voices in your head, and/or coming from running water, and/or coming from a fan, and/or hearing people talk about you, and/or hearing audio tones?


If you do, then this should help you.


The auditory system locates sound (inside your head, 2 feet away, 10 feet away, etc.). The perps/pervs use psychotronic V2K to make you think that people in your life are talking about you and out to get you. They combine this with massive amounts of internet gang stalking propaganda (web sites, social media, youtube, blogs, etc.) using proof by assertion to get you to believe in gang stalking. This creates fear and paranoia that feeds on itself to cause your brain to believe that a bunch of people in your life are out to get you. This causes you to think things you did not think before, believe things that you did not believe before, act in ways to alienate yourself, appear mentally unsound, and destroy yourself. Further, they may eventually use V2K for the purposes of remote entrainment and hypnosis, which you should avoid at all costs.

I have had some success masking/blocking the V2K voices, the emotional aspects of the V2K vocalizations, the V2K tinnitus/tones (ringing in the ear), and the hypnotic aspects of the V2K vocalizations and tones. Using Audacity and NCH Tone Generator, I created audio files made up of mainly interleaving sine waves of different frequencies on a logarithmic or linear sweep set to loop. I listen to the audio files using in-ear headphones that completely seal the ear canal.


Other T.I.s have had some success using this method.


You have to listen to the V2K audio masking files using in-ear headphones that completely seal the ear canal. Speakers, ear buds, and over the ear headphones will NOT work. Below is an example of the type of in-ear headphones that I am talking about.



Remember, no one has ever accused bug spray of being perfume; likewise, these audio files are not Mozart. They will sound like harmonic noise. You will habituate to them over time.


Here are the links to the V2K audio masking files. Use a media player like VLC that has an equalizer (EQ) and a loop function. Listen to the V2K audio masking files in loop mode periodically changing the EQ settings and the media file to keep the perps guessing.






Note: Regarding V2K voices, if you have to tell people why you are listening to the audio masking files, tell them that you have severe tinnitus. Do not tell them that you are hearing voices. Voices makes people think of mental illness. However, tinnitus will activate their empathy circuits. This holds true for the medical community, work, family, and friends.

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