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How to Obtain The TI Truth

July 5, 2018


"Obtaining Truthful T.I. Knowledge" or "Separating T.I. Fact from T.I. Fiction"



Truthful knowledge, can only be ascertained via empirical evidence and the formal reasoning processes that govern the widely accepted and followed approaches at deriving at truthful information (facts) and understanding it as knowledge. It is important to note that these approaches do not necessarily mean that something is entirely true or false. It does mean that we know it to be true or false to varying degrees of certainty and correctness.

The T.I. community will--benefit tremendously--by spending much more time understanding, discussing, and ascertaining truthful knowledge based on formal methods such as methodological skepticism (Cartesian Doubt), the Scientific Method, and the Journalistic Method along with their more philosophical counterparts, which are Epistemology (the study of how we know things) and Ontology (the study of what some "thing" is).


Ascertaining truthful knowledge (facts) is our shared goal--and the degree to which we can disprove something (fiction) becomes as important as the degree to which we can prove it (fact). Based on these approaches, questioning things is vital!


If we do not follow these approaches, then how do we know the degree of T.I. fact from T.I. fiction?


Note: it is important to state that I, (or any other T.I.), am not right or wrong; instead, the information that the T.I. was led to believe may be right or wrong--to varying degrees of certainty and correctness.


The T.I. community and every single human being on the planet will greatly benefit from studying the following.












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